Jesus Loves Me Train Ministry

The “Jesus Loves Me” Train features a puppet show starring Mr. Eddie and Mr. Freddie. The children will also enjoy Bible Stories about Jesus Christ, sing songs, and enjoy a ride on the “Jesus Loves Me” Train. 

Conductor Joe has answered his calling of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to children through the “Jesus Loves Me” Train. Children love the train and want to ride it over and over again. 

The “Jesus Loves Me” Train has been working with churches riding children at Fall and Spring Festivals, preschool programs, Sunday School, and Wednesday nights allowing Conductor Joe to teach children to be young disciples for Christ.

The “Jesus Loves Me” Train Christian Education
  •  Bible Stories about Jesus 
  • Train Ride on The “Jesus Loves Me” Train 

The "Jesus Loves Me" train is available Sunday mornings and afternoons and Wednesday nights and Church Festivals.