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Please contact us for your next event, we promise the children will in for a big treat and will thoroughly enjoy their train ride! 

Joe Fuller is the conductor of the Carolina Choo Choo and enjoys making children happy on his train!  

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Below:  Joe and his daughters Leanne and Sara Beth

​​How it all began....

Challenges pop up frequently among close friends. This happened when a friend of mine called me one day in late June of 2009. She insisted that I come look at a train that her granddaughter was riding. It was one challenge that I could not ignore. The Train was nothing but a small farm tractor pulling twelve coaches made out of plastic drums bolted to a welded frames with tires. The children were having fun. I was very shocked what the owner was charging for the using the train. Instantly, I knew that I could built a train that was better than what I was seeing. I was envisioning building a train that looked like an old steam engine that children would recognize as a train rather than as an old farm tractor. The engine had to be something different. I settled on converting my 2007 John Deere Lawn Tractor into an old steam engine from the late 1800's. In time, I manage to put together something that look like a steam engine. I started out with 4 passenger coaches and a red caboose made out of plastic drums. I could ride one passenger in my coaches. My plan was to take this home-made train on the Fall Festival circuit in South Carolina.The train's debut was at the Coming Home To Cross Hill Festival. Unbelievable! Children saw it as a train. Children were waiting in line to ride the train!  From that day forward, my home-made, backyard train became the Carolina Choo Choo train! By the end of the Fall festival season, this little train rode children at 10 different festivals in South Carolina. Today, my train business has been very good.  I am always looking for new opportunities to ride children.

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Why Us?

The Carolina Choo-Choo Train is proud to announce, that we are now a NON-Profit Organization.

Ride trains for fun is a Non Profit 501 (C) (3) Tax exempt organization 

EIN 47-3393306

Registered with the SC State as a Charitable Org

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