Carolina Choo Choo Train - Trackless Train Rides

A Fun and Educational Experience 

For Children!

Trackless Train Rides For:




Farmer's Markets

Elementary Schools

Private Birthday Parties


Elementary and Primary School Activities, Child Development, Kindergarten and First Grade, Licensed Early Childhood Centers, Fundraisers, Fall and Spring Festivals, Private Parties, Neighborhood Block Train Parties, Birthday Parties, Business Promotions, Grand Openings, 

Partnerships with Non-Profit Organizations.

Church Activities – The “Jesus Loves Me” Train, Church Festivals, Vacation Bible School and Church Preschool Programs

The Carolina Choo-Choo Train is proud to announce, that we are now a NON-Profit Organization. Ride trains for fun is a Non Profit 501 (C) (3) Tax exempt organization. EIN 47-3393306  Registered with the SC State as a Charitable Org.  Contributions and donations are Tax Deductible on your yearly income tax 

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Carolina Choo Choo Train
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Donations and Contributions for Events

Ride Trains for Fun of South Carolina is depended on public contributions/donations to make the choo-choo train available to children in South Carolina as well as neighboring states. As a non- profit, we no longer use the words " train fees." However, we do make suggestions as to what it will cost us to put this little train at any event so that children will have an opportunity to participate in our different train activities. We are the only non-profit organization that operates a choo-choo train for children in South Carolina.

We are committed to giving back to the communities in South Carolina. We collect canned goods for needy families from children who ride on the train. We give scholarships to children in church preschool programs as well as make the train available to children living at South Carolina Children's Homes. We are working with Richland County School Resource Officers to improve relationships between law enforcement and kindergartners and young children. Ride Trains for Fun of South Carolina bought and delivered 120 cases of bottled waters to Richland and Lexington Counties during the flood.

Please click on the "Donate" button above and make a contribution/donation to Ride Trains for Fun of SC.

Public Events
  • Suggested fees – One fee for any number of hours.
  • Fundraisers - are usually percentage splits or an agreed upon set fee prior to the event.
  • Festival Rides - are usually $2.00 for a 4 minute ride.
  • All Train Fees are negotiable.  
  • NO deposits are required or payments accepted in advance
  • Payment expected on day of event or mailed within five working days after event.

Suggested Fee For the Read & Ride Adventure

  • The standard fee for Read & Ride Adventure is $4.00 per child with hundred or more children participating. If children bring a canned good, the suggested fee is discounted fee is discounted; $1.00 off.                    f
  • Set fees for schools are available! - Based on number of children participating - low as $250.00

The Read & Ride Adventure can be discounted a $1.00 per child with 100 or more participating by getting other schools in the school district to participate in the Read & Ride Adventure. Special pricing is available to school districts when multiple schools participate in the Read & Ride Adventure. The discount can be a low as $1,000.00

Suggested fee for train Rides Only at School*

$2.50 per Child -  At least a hundred twenty-five children or at least 5 classes to ride on the Carolina Choo-Choo Train.

$3.00 per Child -  Hundred children or four classes to ride on the Carolina Choo-Choo Train

*As a Community Service Project, Conductor Joe Fuller provides free train rides for autistic children in South Carolina

Churches - Train Church and Church Preschool Programs -  Suggested Love Offerings - $175.00 -$250.00

Cancellation Policy

If it comes necessary for either party involved to cancel the event, either party without cause can cancel the event. Notification must be made as soon as possible  but within or up to 48 hours before the scheduled date.

Scheduling Events

Yearly customers have priority. Ride Trains for Fun of S.C. will email yearly customers in January of each year to schedule their yearly event. This little train is always looking for new opportunities to ride children. Scheduled dates may have to be changed or rescheduled or cancelled based on the distance and traveling time between events and weather conditions that may create safety issues in transporting the train on a trailer from one event to another.

Donations are also used to help feed the homeless. 

Ride Trains for Fun of S.C. purchases hundreds of dollars of McDonald's gift cards to feed homeless people throughout South Carolina.

If you would like to donate to help feed the hungry, please use the PayPal "Donate" button above.   

Carolina Choo Choo Train -  A Fun and Educational Experience For Children in South Carolina
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